Switch, cut, carve
Catch and run
Before I begin
I start to come undone

You’ll never play again
Not with those knees
They’re like an ad campaign
For degenerate arthritic disease

Hole up and hunker down
Suppress the urge
To run around

Hang up the uniform
Who can I trust?
Erode into a new form
As a gate gains rust

What have I become?
I’m now in a suit
That at bedtime
Doesn’t come off

Am I good enough?
Or am I
A fruit
Rotted away to soft?

In society’s eyes
   No longer a prize

Reach to be reborn
Prepare for a new fight
Wither medical scorn
Emerge to the light

Well here I stand
Naked as the chrome
On a hot summer’s day

But with these blind hands
I gather hope
Claw at clay

And now in my reflection
There once again
She who loved
   To play