I have seen snow fall
           from a blue sky
I have heard birds sing
           but only to me
I have left my house
           but ran back in
To simmer the panic and
           escape within.

I have talked to people
          that only I could hear
Stared rapt at a steeple
          that glowed electric with fear
I have fought a blanket
          and lost, again and again
I have been to hell
          but never came back.

And you tell me we are all the same
          that suck it up
                 is the game
Pull yourself together
          whatever the weather
                 you’ve only yourself to blame.

It’s time to wake up
           you are not me
This is not a hiccup
           it is life grasped blindly
If you put on my shoes
           and saw through my eyes
You wouldn’t call it blues
           and greet me with sighs

Just give me the chance
           to share life’s romance
It’s all I ask
           is that so hard a task?