Well you came in and you told me,
we had something to share. peach
Now it turns out it was me,
and about you you didn’t care.

Well your performance lasted through the previews,
all grit and grin and made-up life.
By opening night I still never saw through you,
only those behind you could see the knife.

When we went searching for your key,
you pulled me through the undergrowth.
Through twisted roots I couldn’t see,
you wanted the chain and anchor both.

But as we hit the matinee,
out there frozen on the ice.
The twisted slips in your careful mask,
Laid bare the final price.

You would have slashed me to the bones
Then kept on grinding through.
A love like cyanide stones
But could that have satisfied you?

So I held my breath and forced a crack
stepped through the door and turned right back
To see the spoils of victory most fair
You, alone, in your two-bit lair.