To fall in love is to share a thousand springs,
Each one more joyous than the last.
Where the gentle heart gives, the soul soars to sing,
And we let go the errors of our past.

In summer’s flaxen glow live those nights that never end.
Lose sense of where our own heart ends and the other does begin.
Between us our imperfections flow, melt into a golden blend.
Give voice to our fears, let them fly away, help us gather safely in.

As life softens into autumn fire, and in our spirit radiates.
We get to watch our dreams transpire, and joy through life permeates.
And as the turning leaves fall to show us our rebirth,
We may find yet new ways within to discover what life is worth.

In winter’s night, when on our journey we reflect.
Know that love is light, and never a single moment regret.