In this town
no one cares.
They shuffle along
clutching circles for squares.

On these social streets
paved with cynics.
Range tired old beats
nothing but critics.

Honouring the past
in passionate defence.
A gloryless life lived
in the imperfect tense.

Lack of empathy is
the price of admission.
Seeing only the dark
in their peripheral vision.

At the end of the street
we hear a new sound.
The brightest house
for miles around.

There, in the window
a reflection of you.
In vespertine glow
a brand new hue.

She shares her gaze
and the glow relights.
Step out of the maze
grab fast to life.

Realise with compassion,
love, and clarity.
See that which joins
is a well-tended thread.

When we search for ourselves
in the eyes and the light
of the girl with rays of
the sun in her head.