It’s the tyranny of the waves she said,
and her words cascaded,
rippling, roiling, rumbling,
around my head.

They warm the planets,
the stars, and the sea.
Without them,
we would never be,
never to feel,
to hear, or to see.

But what about the elements?
We’re built from nuclear dust.
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,
Combined in eternal lust.

And what of our minds,
those chambers of magic reason?
Transporting us with miracles,
from transcendence thence to treason.

Forget not the power of society,
forged from clay and law.
The jagged quest for nobility,
escape from history’s claw.

Be that,
as it may.
The illusion
of consciousness,
has power,
over us all.

Struggling against entropy,
Each of us humans craves,
By virtue or insanity,
To defeat the tyranny of the waves.